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Case Management

Present the relevant information for cases in context of content-related processes like customer service, loan applications or claim adjudication. A flexible workflow provides consistency across your organization and gives you the insight and control you need to resolve cases.

Our Fairfax solution leverages IBM Case Manager (ICM) to empower a range of business outcomes, including:
  • Automated approval processes
  • Streamlined permitting, application and licensing processes
  • Improved public transparency and participation in government processes
  • Centralized content that is current, accurate and quality-controlled
  • Compliance with electronic legal material and accessibility requirements
  • Integration with external applications for more robust functionality

Fairfax currently offers two solutions that leverage IBM Case Manager (ICM):
  1. SmartPAL - Permitting, Applications and Licensing
  2. eRegulations - Regulatory Publications solution

Both solutions are customizable to suit your business environment. Fairfax conducts a thorough requirements analysis as part of each implementation.

IBM Case Manager  
IBM Case Manager
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