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Digital Regulations Solution

Our Digital Regulations Solution (known to us as eRegulations) utilizes IBM Case Manager (ICM) and an XML authoring and publishing suite to create a centralized, standardized, space for drafting, reviewing, approving and publishing content that needs to be safeguarded. Both components, ICM and XML authoring, integrate with a web-based portal to facilitate transparency and participation in the regulatory process.

Our Digital Regulations Solution:
  • Increases public transparency and access to documentation related to the regulatory approval process
  • Automatically submits applications to internal approval workflows
  • Streamlines the internal regulatory approval process and increases personnel efficiency
  • Establishes a platform through which members of the public can easily submit comments and participate in regulatory discussions
  • Archives all documentation related to the regulatory approval process and eliminates reliance on hard copy publications
  • Standardizes the regulatory approval and drafting process
  • Publishes official regulatory content that complies with electronic legal material requirements.

eRegulations Sell Sheet  
eRegulations Case Study