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Fairfax Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most secure, cost effective, simple and easy-to-use office automation solutions with the highest regard to a positive customer experience.

 Fairfax Vision

To be recognized as the leader in office automation by providing and managing secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solutions with the highest regard to a positive customer experience.  Fairfax enables organizations to become efficient, effective and transparent, saving them time and money while increasing productivity.

 Value Proposition

To governments and businesses struggling with cumbersome organizational processes, Fairfax provides secure, cost- effective and easy-to-use office automation solutions to streamline operations.

Cultural Motto

Provide the BEST customer experience in all we do. Take ownership and drive for results. Solve problems and be proactive.

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About Fairfax Data Systems

Fairfax Data Systems is a proven leader in providing innovation solutions and services for faster access to the information that drives decision-making and action.  Incorporated in 1998, Fairfax artfully combines industry experience with project management and technical expertise to deploy effective office automations solutions for the public and private sectors. Fairfax partners with IBM, a leading provider of document imaging, document management, e-processing and e-business technologies, to build solutions using their suite of best-of-breed ECM products.

Fairfax Data Systems' 7 Core Values

  1. Honesty: Speaking and acting truthfully. Acting in a way that you know is right.
  2. Doing your BEST:  Caring about your workmanship. Striving to be your best in your actions regardless of what the task is.  If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
  3. Dependability:  Taking the initiative and being accountable to focus on what tasks need to be accomplished. It is being consistent about getting things done.  
  4. Dedication: Giving 110% of yourself to do your best for the task and for Fairfax.  Dedication is a visible, almost infectious passion for what your are doing.
  5. Boldness: Stepping up and out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. Not being afraid to experiment, learn new things, make a decision and wanting to grow to higher positions.
  6. Can Do Attitude: Knowing that anything can be done as long as you put your mind to it.  Thinking how it can be done, rather than why it cannot be done.
  7. Customer Service: Having a patient, caring and helpful service-oriented attitude towards our customers.


Green Statement

We value our planet, which is why we heavily focus on going green and maintaining a sustainable environment to benefit all of us; today as well as into the future. As of 2018, Fairfax Data Systems is responsible for reducing over 100 Million paper documents through digitization, growing nationally every day.  We have helped save over 12 thousand trees!  Studies have found that by switching to a paperless solution in the workplace, a company will net a dramatic ROI, operations will be more fluid through automation and invaluable time recaptured. Most importantly, going paperless reduces a company's carbon footprint across its administration, making a greater impact on the environment than ever before.


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  • "Your consultant fit in well with our team..." they worked together to ensure we knew how to accomplish each of the tasks needed within the stages.

  • "Please know that I truly appreciate our consultant's knowledge and effort in ensuring the success of this project..."

    ...and I thank you both for being great business partners. -D.W.

  • "...very pleased with your work on the Death Certificate Tracking System."

    Your attitude and ability to deal with a difficult user climate was very impressive. -V.E.

  • "I don't know how we can go wrong with partners like you..."

    ...your continued support and knowledge has made all the difference! -B.H.

  • "...coordination, planning and partnership they bring to the table are un-paralleled.  The upgrade of FileNet went live with less than 1% of users experiencing issues..."

    David and team consistently go above and beyond with their efforts and attention to detail...In my 21 1/2 years working in the government sector they have been the best vendor I have worked with.   - M.M.

  • "...a valuable asset" assisting us through the design and construction phases of our ECM projects.  I want to express my sincere appreciation for contributions, expertise, professionalism and willingness to help us reach our goals. -G.C.